Tour Info

What is the difference between a Basic Tour and a Combined Tour? What kind of tour program do I need for traveling to Armenia? What are the advantages of a Recreational Tour? Read all the features of the tours to Armenia offered by Ravina and make the right choice for you.

Basic Tours

The Basic Tours of Ravina Travel Armenia have various standards that differs from the other category of tours we offer. First of all we don’t have any hotel lodgings outside Yerevan during the Basic Tours. This will give you the possibility to stay comfortably at your hotel in Yerevan without having to pack your luggage each time we leave the city. Besides that, we do not include any dinner during the Basic Tours in Armenia leaving you the opportunity to enjoy your free evenings and choose a place of your own taste for having dinner after a full and pleasant day of excursions. All in all, with our Basic Tours Ravina tries to combine an enriching tour in Armenia with having some freedom of your own. 

Cultural Tours                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Our culture tours are defined by an enjoyable cultural tour program including visits to interesting cultural-historic sites of Armenia, such as several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, impressive and breathtaking landscapes, appealing accommodations in and outside Yerevan and the possibility to get acquainted with the kind and warmhearted people of Armenia. 

Combined Tours 

The Combined Tours of Ravina Travel Armenia offer the possibility to enjoy the treasures of Armenia as well as Nagorno Karabagh. Although having many similarities with the republic of Armenia, Nagorno Karabagh is a place not to miss. Its mountainous landscapes and historical sightseeings will catch your breath and prove to be an unforgettable experience in your life. 

Recreational Tours

Do you wish to enjoy the historical and cultural part of this country, but also have enough time to relax and have a semi-active and semi-passive vacation in Armenia, then the Recreational Tours of Ravina can be a good choice for you. During the Recreational Tours you will get the possibility to get close to nature, but at the same time enjoy the ancient man-made wonders.

Special Offer

The name Special Offer says it all. This section of our tour programs in Armenia concentrates on the word Special, where we try to offer you an exclusive vacation in Armenian comprising stays in resorts instead of standard hotels. In this case you get the chance to have a full vacation with excursions and enjoyable rests at the resorts which include an open-air swimming pool or the possibility to hike or ride horses.