About Us

Ravina Tours is an experienced tour operator providing basic, cultural, hiking, recreational and customized tours in Armenia. The main goal of the company is to provide a well-organized, enriching and yet not too wearying tours in this beautiful country that has so much to offer in different areas.

Due to the mix of Armenian and West-European background of the company owners, providing an enhanced tour in Armenia becomes more than possible. This favorable asset ensures that the tour programs, the organization behind it and the approach to the tourists corresponds to the international standards without deviating from the Armenian reality and authenticity. 

Another benefit of the company is the long-term experience of the tour operators in the field of tourism and travel in Armenia. The operators themselves have been on the stage of travel in Armenia as guides and drivers, which resulted in the profound knowledge of every corner of the country in all spheres, including cultural sites, suitable accommodations, hidden natural wonders, favorable restaurants and cafe’s and other facilities. 

Some of the most important keywords of Ravina Tours which form the core of the principles of the company, are the following: 

  • Good and logical planning of the tours in Armenia;
  • Open for new ideas and suggestions;
  • Great care and responsibility in organizing and realizing the tours in Armenia;
  • Individual approach to each tour and traveler;
  • Friendly and professional approach to partners and travelers.

Armenia is truly one of the most inspiring and beautiful countries in the world with an ancient civilization and rich culture. To take the most of the country, it is favourable to have hosts who can show and give you the total package of Armenia. Ravina Tours proves to be the best choice to make your travel to Armenia even more unforgettable and pleasant! 


The photos used in the website are owned by Vigen Hakhverdyan, Hayk Melkonyan, David Davtyan, Viken Seropian and Marko Ukkola.