Transcaucasia - a Precious Book Waiting to be Discovered

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Transcaucasia seems to arise more and more interest in the world. The mountainous region, being ‘veiled’ for 70 years during the Soviet Era, starts to expose its ancient secrets, architectural wonders, rich culture and hospitable people to Europe, Asia and the America’s. These uncovered and raw lands can be compared to a precious and valuable book that has been hidden in one of the dark corners of the library layered with dust waiting to be discovered. The content of this book will certainly surprise its readers and open up a world that has not been discussed a lot in the standard books they have read over and over.

Testimony of Ancient Civilizations

The most surprising news of the Transcaucasia is that one of the most ancient civilizations have settled here in this region and have managed to express their daily life in many ways. The vivid testimonies are the first winery in the world in Armenia, the ancient astral observatory Carahunge again in Armenia and settlements of the first human civilization outside of Africa discovered in Georgia. The first chapter of the ‘hidden’ book already sounds quite attractive, right?

The Golden Middle Ages

When Europe was covered by a dark shadow during the Middle Ages, the nations in South Caucasus were thriving and rising with new and revolutionary thoughts. Even the church sponsored monks and scholars to broaden the horizon of knowledge and wisdom. You would be surprised to hear that in the 7th century an Armenian scholar called Shirakatsi described the world as "being like an egg with a spherical yolk (the globe) surrounded by a layer of white (the atmosphere) and covered with a hard shell (the sky).” By the way, he was not executed by the church for suggesting that the world was egg-shaped. Many architectural wonders in the Transcaucasia were also built in this era. Some to name are Geghard Monastery, Noravanq and Tatev Monastery in Armenia and Jvari Monastery and Rabati Castle in Georgia.

Modern Day Fun

The last chapter of the book talks about the everyday life of the people of South Caucasus. This part is probably the most interesting chapter of the book as the people are the carriers of its history and the administers of its culture and traditions. The mix of old and new is vividly seen in any corner of the countries. Traditional dances, eating traditions and ancient festivities are carried out by all generations till today. Taste one of the best cuisines and wines in the world and embark in one of the most philosophical toasting traditions you can ever imagine. Have a dynamic dance and enjoy the hospitality of the local people who have so much wisdom in them.

South Caucasus Tour

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